Sunday, October 6, 2013

Anti-Zombie Halloween Poetry

Somebody ripped off my face
Gorgonzola fantasies, fried
Eyeballs sucked
aquarium, mercury teeth
sitting across from me
                (the chair, if you
                look, has a paisley pattern,
                red and brown semen things
                stitched with gold trim)

I think this man might be dead
but with all the jewelry captured

“every time I come around the city”
I nod my head because I’ve heard
music, beneath the skirted sofa

the tentacles inside my stomach
have arranged a slimy conference
by slapping together,

I can think of a million dead fish
but they don’t show up for the feast

eyes drift, down into the gravel
settle there
bubbling surface
if nitrite burn could resurrect this malaise

upon my knees the worms

fingernails crusted with dead flies
scorned, the color of melted butter
fills these voids

“someone has ripped off my face”
the figure might be nodding
tonight shall be delightful
                (when the moon falls asleep
                behind aquatic molars, lost
                the chattering
                of winding gears)

“I haven’t fallen down in years”
he’s the most interesting man
to think about death,
if only I could see him

I’m familiar with the taste
of Gorgonzola nitrates, ammonia
inspired decapitations
fish sleeping in a pile of leaves

like my dead neighbors.