Saturday, April 20, 2013

What's Your Favorite Zombie Movie?

Sure, the original Dawn of the Dead is an iconic movie in the horror industry. It's one of my all-time favorite
films, one I've watched as often as Alien and The Lion King. My favorite zombie appears at the start of the original Day of the Dead, a movie that is severely underrated, in my opinion. I also happen to enjoy the Tom Savini remake of Night of the Living Dead; but none of those are my favorite zombie films.

Lucio Fulci's Zombie is both ludicrous and masterful. The creepy music, the long silences, the gory kills; not to mention the infamous shark scene! By today's standards, you might think the zombie makeup is a bit off, but you have to suspend your belief in reality to enjoy any monster film. I hate CGI with a passion; I have a difficult time watching movies that look like cartoons, including almost any superhero movie made since the over-the-top Batman film directed by Tim Burton. The zombies in Fulci's film are dreadful and relentless. Their silence, and the way they're filmed, enhances both the atmosphere and the tension. I love the visuals in this wicked flick, although a lot of modern viewers will feel that this movie is dated and should be "remade." Ugh…

In retrospect, Zombie is not a better film than Romero's Dawn of the Dead. Trust me, it makes sense in my head. 

My favorite ending in a zombie film has to be the conclusion to Burial Ground. This movie is a bit strange anyway, but I think it doesn't get enough credit for being a good zombie movie. In context, there weren't too many zombie films until recently; now they're everywhere! I enjoy classic horror, and old-school special effects are more suitable for zombie movies. Burial Ground is better known for its weird characters, but I can never forget the ending. There is a distinct B-movie quality to it and the dubbing is downright awful, but that's part of the fun. 

Another underrated movie is The Dead. I know a lot of people dislike the movie, but it has more of a classical horror feel to it, which makes it a lot more enjoyable for someone who prefers more traditional zombies. The movie's plot is threadbare and the theme is carried our rather awkwardly, but I appreciate the movie for what it is. It's not exactly a movie I'm going to watch over and over again, but it gives me hope there will be a good zombie movie that doesn't overuse cartoon graphics. 

What's your favorite zombie movie?