Friday, June 21, 2013

New Characters Appearing in Zombie Ascension Two (Dream Cast)

Queen of the Dead (Zombie Ascension 2)

Release Date: August 2013 

Although the characters in the first novel were thematically... "corrupt," for a lack of a better word, it was my intention to go a different route with the redemption concept in the second book. The fans have asked for "good" characters, and here are a few of them:

Father Joe Martinez
A former boxer who killed a man in his last fight, Father Joe's faith is absolute, and so is his belief that he must always redeem himself for the mistake he made. His personal championship fight with his past turns him into a selfish man who never breaks a promise. Benicio Del Toro would bring the priest's charm and strength to the screen that would make this hero stand out above the rest of the cast.

Jack Mender
Jack is a drummer for a heavy metal band that his brother, Jerry, has engineered; Jack has no sense of self-worth because he's been Jerry's punching bag. Jack wants to feel like he can be of worth to somebody; he lived in his mother's basement while taking care of her as a debilitating mental condition wore her down. It would be nice to see Seth Rogen in a more humbling role where he can use a more diverse emotional range, which he's capable of doing.

Agent Rose
A seductive assassin who was "built" and trained for more personal encounters with men and women, Rose is the former pupil of Jim Traverse, the madman who's still running lose in Michigan. Their relationship went beyond the student-mentor realm, and since he left her for his last mission in Egypt, she's done everything she can to put him out of her mind. At last, she's been called in to apprehend Jim, though she fears he's become a dreadful monster that she won't recognize. Emile Clarke could play the love struck assassin convincingly enough to make her a sympathetic character the audience might want to cheer one… whether they want her to reunite with her serial-killer lover or not.

Sergeant John Charles
A man dedicated to do whatever it takes to serve his country; the sole survivor of Crater's team, John is a soldier to the bone, whose willingness to sacrifice for his country caused him to lose his family early in his career. His country is all he has left. Sam Worthington would play the dedicated patriot with the steely-eyed determination that makes John an endearing character.

General Masters
This homeless man is convinced he's an ex-soldier who was once a key player in the Vietnam conflict, until he decided that the only way to win was to train soldiers Colonel Kurtz style. He's been hanging around a liquor store in Detroit to make sure the family that runs it is always "safe," and we learn this crooked-tooth mystery man isn't very squeamish, nor has his dedication to America wavered. He seems to know more than the others about what might be behind the zombie epidemic. It would be nice to see Carl Weathers return in an action role… because it's Carl Weathers!


Blood runs through the streets of Detroit and into the gutters of nearby cities. Monsters, both human and zombie alike, have brought civil order to its knees. The haunted mercenary, Vega, must confront this apocalypse head-on with survivors who have their own versions of morality; she’s joined by Father Joe, a pious man who will do everything in his power to save a single life, no matter how many others have to die…
Jim Traverse, the sociopath who has decided the apocalypse will be “beautiful,” has nearly completed his genocidal masterpiece. Jim races against Vega’s company to reach Selfridge Air Base, where they’ll fight for control of the woman who has ascended over life and death, a woman whose relationship with an infernal intelligence gives her power over the walking dead. 

One woman can save the world, or destroy it: The Queen of the Dead

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