Tuesday, November 3, 2015


“We already have Brautigan, Vonnegut, and Russ Meyer, but who can claim to be Vincenzo Bilof?”
                —The Novel Pursuit

HELLO OUT THERE! It has been a little while since I've said anything at all, which seems to be more evident the older I become. 

I wanted to share a bit of good news and some more random STUFF. I think it's a great time to enjoy genre fiction; with so many great television shows and independent publishers dropping some of the most exciting books to come out in years, I think there is a lot to love. I keep changing my mind about my current "favorite" authors who still walk among us, mostly because I am still able to fall in love with new stuff when I "discover" it (and realize that I am late to the party, in most cases). 

One of my favorite blurbs is the one I have posted at the top of this page; I think every artist wants to forge their own identity, and I think I have managed to do that, for good or ill. I feel comfortable in my own little niche right now, and I am surrounded by an amazing community of artists... My youngest daughter has ruined a dining room table or two in her time, and my eldest daughter is pretty damn good at drawing a mermaid. 

Two of my forthcoming titles are actually "compositions" wrapped in stories; I still have fun writing books that I think would be amazing to watch in a movie theater, but most of my stuff would be considered "surreal." Several of my works are what I consider NIGHTMARESCAPES, or maybe, if I am allowed to do the "in" thing and create my own genre for a moment, nightmare-fiction. Maybe that doesn't make sense. Inventing your own genre is exhausting..................

The Horror Show, Confessions of the Impaler, Mother, I'm Not an Android (I Promise), Vampire Strippers from Saturn, and Vincenzo Bilof Must Die all kind of fit into this puzzle. Before I show off the new books, I want to take a moment to mention that I am wrapping up a collaboration with Max Booth III called Escape from Dinosauria. If you think the book is an homage to Escape from New York with dinosaurs, then you are an absolute genius. Now, before you decide to call me unoriginal and sue me and/or Quentin Tarantino, Sergio Leone, and almost every director who has ever made a motion picture, I should point out that our book is wholly original! Mostly because the book features Rhonda Rousey vs. dinosaurs, which has never been done before. At least, I don't think Rhonda has made a raptor tap out, yet. Another project that will see the light of day in the near future is what I refer to as a "reverse exorcism" in The Church at the Edge of Town, which is currently in its last round of rewrites. 

This first book I am going to show you is coming out in January, 2016 from Perpetual Motion Machine Publishing. Cover by Dyer Wilk

(Note: if the cover seems semi-phallic, then it is)

Alan Chambers, an anxiety-ridden loner whose goal is to become a prominent English professor, has just been accepted into the elusive class on The Artistry of Contemporary Literature; his excitement is dampened when he learns that his new classmates are dedicated to human violation in the name of art. They have given Alan one responsibility—destroy them.

These literary violators have discovered a primal link between literature, art, sexuality, and murder. But rape and kidnapping as a means to analyze the works of James Joyce and Homer have lost their allure, and only Alan can save them from themselves.

A novel that transcends genre tropes while serving as a satirical commentary on contemporary fiction, David Lynch meets William S. Burroughs in this lucid postmodern nightmare. 

This next one is a poetry novel, much in the same vein that The Horror Show is. Weirdo Magnet Press is dropping this one before Christmas. 

Walter has found salvation in God, but he returns home from prison to a familiar damnation he cannot escape; his wife, Margaret, and her brother, Mr. Vegas, molded Walter into a relentless sexual predator to help fulfill their fantasies of debauchery and terror. Now, a tantalizing young girl walks by Walter’s house every day, and he struggles with a parole officer who is obsessed with the crimes Walter was never charged with. Together, these tragic figures must confront the secrets of a bloodsoaked history to save their souls from the corruption that has tainted Walter’s family—and all those who are drawn into the darkness. 

Here's a sneak preview of the art that Jim Agpalza has provided for the book! Below it is a "poem" from the book, although it lacks a lot of context when I just have it dropped onto the page....

Our honeymoon involved ruins
in these spaces falling good soldiers
museum-history rotate
children ran through this
place, laughing
water balloon war
genesis of the faces
she didn’t hold my hand
I see it, earth-sucked blood
murder is sacrifice to God

look how happy

            Her vengeance
silence over dinner
reign now, chins, lips
upon  her chest ripped
watch the feed

those children, heirs to genesis
one cried
water slap violence

victory is murder
in a honeymoon glow