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I write a lot of different fiction, but this page will serve as a compilation of all blog posts related to the Zombie Ascension series. While I update my blog, I will link all the posts related to zombie books here.  

I've been involved in several interviews that discuss the process behind writing the Zombie Ascension series. You can find those on the INTERVIEWS page of the blog. 

This is where I'll also include all the blog reviews of the ZOMBIE ASCENSION series. 

I listen to fans! Don't be afraid to shoot me an email at vincenzobilof@yahoo.com. If you just want to talk about zombies or anything horror related, I'm all ears! 

Thanks for stopping by! Stay scared!


The cover artist for the series is Russell Dickerson. Check out all of his cool covers / artwork at his website, Darkstorm Creative. He might be available for more freelance work, too, if he isn't doing a million different things for me.


There are currently four books planned in the series, including a yet-untitled prequel book. They are:

Necropolis Now (January 2013)

Queen of the Dead (August 2013)

Patron Saint of Pain (2014)

*Traverse Prequel (2013)


The Dream Cast of Necropolis Now

Soundtrack for Necropolis Now

Dream Cast of Queen of the Dead

Shane from TWD is a lot like Griggs...

The Dissolution of Sanctuary: An Important
Concept in Zombie Fiction

Why Good People Wouldn't Survive the Zombie Apocalypse

The Relevance of Zombie Fiction

Tentacle Books

Mass Movement Magazine

Ajoob Cats

Crescent Flame


Elfwitch Loves Books

Schlock! Webzine

Bricks of the Dead

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