Wednesday, April 29, 2015

Dream Cast for Zombie Ascension 3: SAINT PAIN

I absolutely love doing fantasy lineups for movies. A part of me loves the idea that readers should be able to envision characters on their own; the fanboy in me used to speculate about who would play Aragorn in a Lord of the Rings movie, until at last, those movies came out.

FIRST, let me show you the cover. It's awesome.

The book is an exploration of post-traumatic stress disorder in an apocalyptic setting. Make no mistake: my zombie books are horror novels. These books are not recommended for folks under 17 years of age. 

Here are the dream cast lists for the first two books:

I'm not giving anything away by telling the audience that Vega and Traverse have survived the first two books, considering that their names are in this book's description. I think Michelle Rodriguez should get top billing, and this is the perfect series for her; she's Vega, and Daniel Craig is Traverse. Rodriguez has kicked a lot of ass in a lot of movies, including zombies in the Resident Evil flicks. I think she can be the lead and do some serious damage. 


A racist, hateful woman who has made it her business to survive by any means necessary. Angelica finds people in the ruins and “trades” them to one of three different locations for supplies. She prefers to work alone, but solitude has begun to take its toll on her sanity. I like Sasha Grey in the role because I think she can do something a bit “different” with her acting career and would be believable behind the scope of a sniper rifle. Besides… Noomi Rapace isn’t available (I cast her in another movie). 

Bill Bailey

Who wouldn’t pay to see Clay Matthews fight zombies? Well, Bill Bailey is a young football player who has every bit of the “hero complex” about him, because all he wants to do is help people. On the surface, Bill seems like a walking stereotype, but there’s a reason why he is always willing to put everything on the line to do the right thing. Clay Matthews and Billy Bailey play different positions in football, but… it’s Clay Matthews. Fighting zombies. That’s awesome.


After surviving a year in Windsor with her son, Brian, she finally ventures across the border to find the man she loves, a lawyer named Desmond. Bella is a hardened survivor and understands how and why survival groups fall apart. Brian abandoned her, but she still talks to him…

I think Halley Berry just needs to make a movie, and I think it has been a while since she took on a dynamic role. Bella isn't a gun-toting zombie killer like many of the characters in this series, so her character will stand out from the crowd. 


Russell Crowe is one of my least favorite actors, but I think this is a good role for him. Crowe can be loud and crazy, and I can see him wielding a flamethrower (SPOILER: this book contains a flamethrower). Sutter is a Black Ops specialist who specializes in starting insurrections; he has a knack for inspiring loyalty. He’s got the biggest “salvage” operation in Detroit, and he is closely associated with the infamous Egypt mission from which the zombie apocalypse was born.

Mystery Character

This is the end of a trilogy, and I have not cast Tom Savini in a single movie. There are several major roles up for grabs, but at the end of the day, Tom gets to pick, because he’s a legend in the zombie genre. A American zombie movie without Tom Savini, or an acknowledgement of Tom Savini’s existence, can never be good enough. 

OH CRAP! I forgot to post a link for the book. Right now, it's available as an ebook on Amazon. As I write this, the paperback is about a week or two away.