Wednesday, July 31, 2013

Sneak Preview: The Horror Show

The following is an excerpt from the forthcoming poetry collection from Bizarro Pulp Press. The collection is actually a story written through a series of poems. It's a surreal story clocking in at nearly 200 pages (of poems!). At the conclusion of the poem I have provided the book's synopsis.

This is kind of like a rock band's "concept album," similar to something maybe Mars Volta, Pink Floyd, or Smashing Pumpkins would have created (I'm not comparing my work to theirs... no way). 

Here is a review of the collection, in addition to two more poems analyzed by the horror-academic, Anthony Servante.

Boiled Scream

There was a romantic who died
years ago in front of a mountain,
his eyes open while ice
melted over his eyes. 
In his hands he held a photograph
believed to be a woman,

shapeless, no form worth
mentioning because the lines

Later, authorities 
discovered a love letter
to a nameless woman 
in the romantic's home,
and in it he described 
his dream of her.

In the description he
mentioned a story
that inspired him, 
a tale of woe
about a goddess
who fell in love with
an angel. Both women 
met while discussing 
the nature of mortal love,
and the goddess wooed 
the angel with a story, about

two men who crossed paths
by voyaging between planets;
both defied each other's
perception of form and thought,
but when they met
their curiosity blossomed
and they agreed to explore
each other and 
the cosmos. 

One of the men was a painter
who designed galaxies,
and they were only men
as gods defined them,
human for the sake of 
The painter asked his lover
to pose so that he might
compose the universe.

Inside his spiraling wormholes
were two blind children
who held hands 
and slept in a tomb
at the edge of time.
They whispered into 
each other's ears
while their skulls

One of the twins 
ripped out its eyes
and explained one of them
was made of emerald, the other,
sapphire. Handcrafted eyes
made a saint and a sinner,
sexless creatures dwelling
inside of an abyss
or a labyrinth. 

The sinner died over 
the fire, and the saint
bled upon each gem. None 
of it was painful, for 
the sinner and the saint
were romantically in love


A Nobel Prize-winning poet has been missing for several years, along with his wife and child. Suffering from narcolepsy and amnesia, the poet wanders the same back-alleys he terrorized as a teenager. He's being carefully watched by Doctor Humphrey, whose unique treatment plan is driven by a higher power that wants a cure for mental instability to produce the ultimate war machines. At the mercy of his derangements and the ghosts of his fragmented past, the poet's descent into the darkest reaches of his soul reveals a blood-soaked past which threatens to repeat itself.

While Doctor Humphrey collects his precious data, he devises a terrible plan to satisfy his own terrifying vision for the future.