Monday, March 18, 2013

Review: Killer Koala Bears from Another Dimension by Pat Douglas

Killer Koala Bears from Another Dimension is a fast-paced survival of the fittest grunge-fest.
Joana Reed and her boyfriend, Tim Bortimin, use mystical stones to open up portals in the fabric of time and space, opening a gateway to an alternate reality. When savage humanoid visitors invade Lewisburg, West Virgina, Joana and Tim fight their way past overwhelming odds to leave the town but find a dome of energy has them trapped. Their only hope is to return to the woman who gave them the stones in hope she has the power to save the town. It's a race against time as the invaders increase in numbers. Will anyone survive the slaughter? 

Amazon Stars: 5/5

As a child of the eighties, I grew up with a lot of crazy horror films that probably wouldn't see the light of day in this age of torture porn, zombies, and possessed children. Pat Douglas is an author whose work I always look forward to reading because it reminds of a more innocent time, a throwback to an era where horror films were just gory and fun to watch. I've often compared his work to B-movie-style or "grindhouse" fiction, if there is such a thing, and this latest work is no different. I compare "Killer Koala Bears From Another Dimension" to films because like most of Douglas's work, it's a fast-paced thriller that seeks to entertain while slipping in just a tiny bit of social commentary that can prompt a smile from audience members who read closely enough.

When I first heard about this book, I couldn’t wait to get my hands on it. The plot is straightforward enough; some disenfranchised youths play around with stuff they're not supposed to an open a portal to… another dimension! Out of which steps… violent, spear-chucking koala bears! What more do you need to know about the plot? Douglas always does a good job of establish "everyman" characters—average-Joe-types you can cheer for, even when you know they're going to die. In this zany adventure you'll find some cheesy characters and wild scenarios, but that's what you were expecting when you bought the book! Douglas delivers what you expect when you buy a book with such a sweet title.

Douglas has a gift for storytelling that cannot be overlooked. Sometimes I watch a Michael Bay film, and sometimes I watch some artsy-film from Spain; in the end, I want to be entertained. Douglas delivers the thrills I expect; this book gives you exactly what it advertises, with page-turning excitement that is full of heart, fun, and most importantly, killer koala bears. Douglas wrote the story I wanted to read.